Yep, that’s me.

Hi, my name is Valerio Mercuri, and I’m from Italy. Guess you’ll notice from my english.

I’m a fantasy fiction writer, yet unpublished, yet unknown. I love to read sword & sorcery stories and to write them, as much as I love editing those of others. In this blog I want to talk about these passions of mine, and when possible, maybe post something to help my fellow writers.

It’s possible that sometimes I’ll write posts in italian, just for the sake of my people. Please bear with such times; also note, though, that whenever possible or useful I’ll try to post a translation.

The Fun that lies beyond the Gates of Dignity

“The Fun lying beyond the Gates of Dignity”.
Also, me.

Italian is an easy to speak language, but has rather difficult grammar rules. Also, it’s a pretty useless language to learn, as I know of very few places beside Italy in which it is spoken, so I can’t really expect you people to go through such hardships just to speak with no more than a hundred million people.

I like using emoticons when I chat, or comment, because communication is one third words, two thirds body. And I’m being kind to words. I’ll always be.

Welcome to Iron Reveries, folks. Hope you’ll like it here 🙂

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